Metro Driving School, LLCBeginners are our specialty. Special class for nervous people.

A Metro Driving & Traffic School

4600 Duke St. Suite 417
Alexandria, VA 22304




          Nearest Metro: King Street Alexandria

            A  Metro  Driving  School 

   Bonded * Insured * Licensed by DMV


Teen Driver


OFFICE: 703-461-7020 

Near Bus Line
Free Parking




Bus Stop: Metro, Dash, Fairfax Connector in front of the building.





Live and informative class. Group discussions, real issues. Defensive driving techniques with practical application. Excellent information for all levels of drivers. Highly energized and motivating session. Useful information.
 Lifetime usefulness of good driving skills.........Priceless !!!
Life saving techniques almost works as a deterrent and a therapy session with a Humor !   We change people's Lives.
High Energy Class Session with new Dmv information and Traffic Laws. 
Life Saving Traffic safety video presentation with practical applications.

A Certificate is issued same day and VA Dmv +5 points posted same day*

Traffic School * Driver Improvement Clinic * Aggressive Driving * Defensive Driving * Anger management* Alcohol, Drugs, Fatigue* Distracted Driving/Texting Laws* Road Rage* 

VA DMV Approved (5 plus Points) • Court Directed
Driver Improvement Clinic * Reckless Driving for Courts *    

703-461-7020  Cash / PayPal / Visa / MC / Amex / Discover Accepted

 VA DMV New Law*VA DMV Rules & Regulation* Safe Driving Techniques *Traffic Safety

For  Group  Lessons  Please Call:  
    703-461-7020  email:


*A Metro Driving School * VA Driver Improvement Clinic *
A Certificate is issued same day* VA Dmv +5 points posted same day*

** VA Driver Improvement Clinic Every Saturdays at 8 AM - No Appointment Necessary **

Saturday     MAY    19     8:30 AM  -  5  PM    $65  cash /  Credit  *  Walk In OK,  Sat  8 AM

Saturday   MAY   26   8:30 AM - 5 PM  $65  cash /  Credit * Walk In OK, Sat 8 AM

   Saturday    JUNE    2    8:30  AM - 5 PM  $65  cash /  Credit * Walk In OK, Sat 8 AM 

   Saturday    JUNE    9    8:30  AM - 5 PM  $65  cash /  Credit * Walk In OK, Sat  8 AM  

Pls Check :

Get +5 points on your VA Driver's License*Posted same day*

***VA DMV  Approved***Court Directed***Aggressive / Reckless Driving***

*Traffic Safety is our Business * Experienced Instructors 15+ yrs *  

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